IsAbel was a Door County artist and ran her own gallery here for many years.

She was a school art teacher, which allowed her to travel during summer months, where she found inspiration and learned new art forms in India, Nepal, Greece, Poland, Russia, Rome and more. IsAbel was a prolific artist who mastered many art forms, though she’s best known for her “outsider” or “naïve” style paintings.


Her work is featured at the Miller Art Museum and St. Norbert College, and is also part of many private and corporate collections.

Sergey’s signature style allows his work to be recognized immediately. His beautiful landscapes and seascapes have earned him the Muse Award in 2007 for the “Best in Oils” at the highly-acclaimed international ARTV Awards. Among his many honors, Sergey holds the title of professor at the Accademia del Verbanzo in Italy.


Born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in 1969, Sergey began studying art as a young child. At the age of three, he developed meningitis and became paralyzed, unable to walk or speak for several years. He attended a school for children with disabilities, and found comfort in painting. At age eight, he was enrolled in a preschool for artists and went on to attend college at the prestigious Serevo Institute. In early 1992, at the age of 21, he left his family and everything familiar to come to America to find the artistic freedom he so desired.


Unable to speak any English, he found a job cleaning bathrooms and collecting trash in a government building in Atlanta, making $125 a week. He learned to speak English by using a Russian/English dictionary as he listened to others speak and read the newspaper. One day, Sergey showed his artwork to his manager, who invited him to sell his artwork in the cafeteria. He sold three paintings during his first American show.



The turning point for Sergey came when he met his wife. With is talent and her mind for business, they booked a booth at a New York trade show, where Sergey sold several paintings. His career has grown exponentially since then, and his work is now in many acclaimed galleries and public, corporate and private collections. Sergey and his wife work and reside in Acworth, Georgia with their daughter.

“The technique of painting I’ve embraced is the Post-Impressionism style made famous by Van Gogh. I love the simplicity of color and energy found in his work…My paintings are like fairy tales—a dream place. I don't see things as realistic; I allow for the fantastic to happen.”

Meegan is from the upper peninsula of Michigan. Her subject matter is almost always an animal and/or the natural world.


She says this horse came to her in a dream. He was galloping toward her, terrified by something behind him. To save his life, she had to catch him before he plunged down a stairwell shaft. She did it—she saved him.


Horses, particularly black ones, are a symbol of life-changing events.

Joyce’s work reflects her surroundings in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan—the particular kind of north woods landscape, its trees, rocks, lake, waterfalls, animals are what imprinted her as a child.


She was trained as an abstract expressionist painter in graduate school. Birch trees continue to be her subject matter: symbol and metaphor for our relationship to that spirit underlying nature. And animals have continued to appear in her work in various guises. One direction had to do with the animals of the Kalevala, the old Finnish epic; the beauty and mystery of its imagery is haunting.


Joyce has been making dolls, or animal sculptures, all her life.  She says, “I think they’re little animal spirits, or companions. I still carry one with me when I travel. I put a piece of myself into each one, as a way of going out into the world.  I want to make people happy.”

David J Nielsen lives and paints right here in Door County, and has also shown Los Angeles; Hamburg, Germany; New York City; and Milwaukee.


David is currently fascinated by Sumi ink and painting, an Asian style using black ink made from quality vegetable oil soot. Sumi painting and writing was developed in ancient China using brush and ink on paper. Emphasis is placed on the beauty of each individual stroke of the brush.


David is an MIAD grad, with a semester in the New York Studio program and a one-year internship at the Institute for Foreign Cultural Studies in Hamburg, Germany.

Gabrielle loves photographing vintage dolls because it’s a path to get lost in a world of child-like play, where she reconciles the beauty and loneliness of her childhood growing up in rural Wisconsin with her adult life in Chicago. Often, her dolls express her conflicts, interests, loves and soul search.


Gabrielle graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BFA in photography.

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